Most people cringe whenever even the slightest damage is done to their vehicle. Though it’s true that minor imperfections in your vehicles body can have a drastic effect on the way you and other people perceive your vehicle, you don’t have to shell out ridiculous amounts of money to bring it back to showroom quality.

The fact of the matter is, that just like any other industry, the less you need done, the less you can expect to pay. First Class Auto Body wants you to feel comfortable when you drive in with a minor repair. Whether it’s being added to a larger portion of work, or you just need one small repair, you will be treated fairly.

Minor Paint Touch Up

Who hasn’t needed a small paint touch up on their vehicle? Some people are under the impression that it is best to wait until they get a new paint job to get this taken care of, but the fact is that it is much cheaper and will serve you better in the long run to get a quick paint touch up. This will preserve the metal under the paint and help stop the deterioration of the paint job as a whole. Minor paint touch ups start at just $35

Mirror Scuff Repair

Any impact on the mirrors of your vehicle is alarming to say the least, and many drivers will simply ignore the minor damage done. We feel this is because many folks aren’t aware of how cheaply this kind of damage can be repaired. Repairing a damaged mirror starts at just $69.

Wheel Scuff Repair

One of the more common repair procedures that we see are wheel scuff repairs. Because they are in a very noticeable place, a lot of drivers want to see them fixed as soon as possible but are unsure of how much it will cost. Just knowing that this kind of repair can be conducted for as little as $99 is a relief many of our customers enjoy.

Minor Dents

It’s a tough world out there, and careless people in parking lots or even neighborhood kids can easily inflict cosmetic damage to your vehicle. We are on a mission to change the perception of this damage and boil it back down to where it should be; a minor annoyance with an easy fix. Repairing minor dents at First Class Auto Body starts at just $99.

Fender Scratches

Usually this kind of damage indicates a close shave, or a barely avoided collision. Many people are of the impression that once this kind of damage is done, it’s better to replace the entire fender rather than try and repair it. But, for modern and classic cars, a visit to First Class Auto Body can save you hundreds. Fender Scratches can be repaired for as little as $199.

Bumper Scuffs

By far one of the most noticeable pieces of cosmetic damage, a bumper scuff suggests a great deal to the onlooker and many drivers immediately begin the process of looking for a replacement bumper. We feel that to spend so much money unnecessarily is what contributes to the myth that all body work is expensive. Bumper scuffs can be removed for as little as $199

We invite you to see for yourself what professional Auto Body Repair can do for your vehicle. Feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions or concerns about your specific vehicle or situation.