frame-straightening2First Class Auto Body phoenix AZ is the premier location for automotive frame straightening and any type of hidden collision damage. Our qualified technicians are your first line of defense against an incomplete or shoddy repair job. We work hard to ensure that your vehicle receives the best care possible at a fair price.

Frame damage is one of the most important things to correct when talking about the collision repair process. Your vehicle is carefully engineered to protect you and your passengers from the vast majority of impact from a collision. This is achieved by designing in certain “crumple zones” that absorb the shock of impact and transfer it throughout the body of the vehicle. This kind of damage can occur even if the damage to your vehicle only appears external. This is why it is massively important that technicians use superior knowledge of the vehicle and advanced techniques to determine vehicle symmetry and the possible necessity of repair

The reason why entire frame restoration to factory specifications is critical to your vehicle health is because even small irregularities can negatively affect certain components of your vehicle. There is no reason that your vehicle should experience continuing issues after a collision repair, provided of course that the procedures were conducted by qualified automotive professionals.

Exact measurements are required in order to complete a frame straightening job. By using factory specifications, an eye for detail and the most up to date equipment, we make sure that your vehicle frame is bent back into shape so your vehicle will be good as new.

Once the measurements have been taken, we use hydraulic powered machines to pull, bend and twist your vehicles frame back to into place. This is not a job to be taken lightly, if the metal is worked too much, it will lose its strength and its ability to keep you safe in the event of a second collision. This is why our technicians strategically map out how the vehicle must be pulled to minimize the amount of movement necessary to complete the job. Inexperience in this kind of three dimensional thinking or not adhering to specific process can further damage the frame and cause the process to be a failure.

Many drivers have difficulty when it comes to frame straightening because a lot of shops simply do not have the equipment or expertise to properly straighten a vehicles frame. Many shops will cut corners or simply ignore the process all together. Specialists in this field know for a fact that if this process is ignored or done improperly, your vehicle will simply never drive quite the same. Our entire goal when it comes to collision repair is to restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. This includes all aspects of the vehicles health and sustainability.

When considering a quote from any collision repair center, be sure to ask about their frame straightening services. And always be sure to get a second opinion from First Class Auto Body.

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