dentremovalDent removal is one of the mainstays of any quality automotive body shop. As long as the dents in the vehicle are relatively small and shallow, the dent can be carefully removed without requiring any paint or buffing. This process is achieved in a variety of ways, but the underlying theory is to reverse the dent through the careful application of pressure and restore the metal to its original position.

For the most part, removing dents from your vehicle is a process that won’t break your bank. There are a few possibilities to keep in mind when it comes to body work, below is some information on dent repair so you know more about what we do, and how we do it.

  • Paintless dent removal - In many cases, a dent can be removed from a panel without the need for painting afterwards. This is a process that uses a specialized glue rather than a spot weld or pin attachment. By paying close attention to the way light strikes the panel and the form of your vehicle, we can often remove most large dents without applying any paint at all. This process can usually be done within a few hours and helps maintain your vehicles value. As long as the paint is not chipped or scratched and the dent isn’t too deep, we can pull out even large dents and get your car back to its old self at a minimal cost.
  • Crease Dent – a creased dent will often require more work than your average sunken dent. The biggest problem with a creased dent is that there is no single point that can be worked to remove the majority of the dent. A few different tools are required, and an eye for detail with precision strikes to key areas is necessary to complete this kind of dent repair. by working from behind the damage, many repairs will not require paint. If the paint has already been scratched or compromised, we can color match and apply a small amount of paint. In extreme cases, it is better to replace the damaged panel rather than attempt a repair.
  • Aluminum panels – If your vehicle is made with an aluminum body or has aluminum panels then you could be in for a much more expensive body repair job. Because aluminum is much softer and lighter, it requires specially trained craftsmen to get the job done right. Aluminum often has a hard time “remembering” its shape, and an overzealous tech can easily pull out more than what’s required to fix the dent. Small dents can sometimes be repaired from behind the body and save a good portion of the time and money required. But if there is major work to be done, it requires, heat, hammers, sanding and paint to get your body fixed. Because aluminum is an expensive metal, you are often better off conducting a repair, rather than replacing the panel. So if you’re exotic, classic or racing vehicle has an aluminum body, be careful! And always trust the professionals if you require aesthetic expertise.

The entire goal of body work is to make your vehicle appear as if no repair was necessary. It is this mindset which guides our hands while we return your vehicle to its former glory.

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