collision2At First Class Auto Body, we have worked for years to perfect our craft and provide the most complete collision repair in Arizona. We understand that your vehicle represents a major Investment in your life, so we treat every single vehicle as if it were our own. This drives us to go above and beyond the standards of other collision repair shops and adhere to our own strict code. We demand of ourselves to accept nothing less than excellent repairs, every time.

Being an independent collision repair facility means that we do not have the luxury of insurance companies steering business our way. This also means that we are used to proving our worth and expertise to our customers on a daily business. Arizona state law is very clear; you have the right to choose your collision repair facility. This entitlement means that you are not forced to use the repair shop with the cheapest prices, and the lowest quality. We often hear horror stories of subpar repair jobs conducted at suspiciously low prices. Taking into account that low prices can often mean cheaper parts and untrained technicians, we urge you to always be proactive about what the repair price tag includes. Because we have no loyalty to an insurance agency, we can be entirely focused on what we can do for our customers. At First Class Auto Body, we are working for your interests rather than a paycheck from an insurance provider.

The real trick to an excellent collision repair is to remember what each vehicle looks like before an accident. By using this as a guideline we are able to restore the vehicle not only to its mechanical factory specifications, but return the vehicle to the way it appeared on the showroom floor.

By using only the finest mechanical parts, allowing only certified technicians to repair your vehicle, we strive for absolute customer satisfaction on every single job we take on. No matter the scope of the repair, we have the tools necessary to restore your vehicle and get you back on the road at a fair price. Our highly skilled technicians have worked with the finest automobiles for many years, and the combined experience of our team will repair your vehicle with the touch of a master’s hand.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or if you have any concerns. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss your options at length.

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