First Class Auto Body Tempe, AZ is your headquarters for classic restoration and returning your vehicle to its former glory. Restoring classic vehicles is one of the most fantastic processes we are able to perform. Classic vehicles are our link to the past and allow us to express ourselves with a style that is often ignored in the manufacture of modern vehicles. Though the process of restoring classic vehicles can be time consuming and difficult, the reward is the introduction of a timeless classic back to the streets.

Body work on a classic car can often represent the majority of cost on a vehicle restoration project. However, the reward of like new appearance for your vehicle is one of the greatest joys you can experience as a lover of historic vehicles. Our expertise in this field allows us to conduct the work necessary quickly and efficiently, which in turn means that you will receive the best restoration available at a fair price

Our take on restoration is one of absolute respect for the internal and intended beauty of the project vehicle. As a work of art, your vehicle deserves to have the utmost care and attention applied to restoration and maintenance. If the engine requires revitalizing, we will use as many of the original components as we can to keep the appeal and historicity of your vehicle as fresh as possible.

While some of our customers are already in possession of a few classic vehicles, we know that many motorists are constantly on the prowl for a great deal on the car that won their heart years ago. We have put together a short list of things to watch out for when purchasing a vehicle that can save you a bundle on the mechanical work of a vehicle you wish to restore.

Engine Noise – During the test drive, pay close attention to the engine and what kind of noises it is making. One of the best ways to achieve this is actually to drive the vehicle at low speeds so that you can hear the engine over the noise of the road. An occasional miss or clank coming from the engines top can be solved with a tune up, but noise from the lower portion of the motor can mean serious payouts before the job is completed.

Cooling System – The cooling system of a vehicle is massively important to its health. After the test drive, be sure to pop the hood and attempt to determine if the engine is abnormally hot. Though the cost of a radiator repair is relatively low, cooling issues in a vehicle can cause internal engine damage that requires serious repair to make the vehicle healthy.

It is also a good idea to take into account that components for older vehicles are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The better the vehicles condition at purchase, the easier it will be to maintain for the future. Ultimately the best case scenario is that you can find a project that really only needs minimal work and a new coat of paint to make like new.
If you are worried about the costs of a restoration, you can always bring the vehicle to us and we can often do a quick visual inspection of the vehicle. Because the world of classic cars is a “buyers beware” situation, we recommend that you get a professional opinion before committing to the purchase of any vehicle. So unless you don’t mind spending a small fortune on restoring the car of your dreams, get it checked out by the specialists at First Class Auto Body and we’ll make sure that your vehicle turns out beautiful for a reasonable price.

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