Auto body Customization is a huge part of expressing your personality through your vehicle, especially in a large city Scottsdale, AZ car customization can take an almost competitive nature and turn every street into an art exhibit. Drivers unfamiliar with auto body modification can easily imagine the simple racing stripes and spoilers that are common today, but it is often not considered that your vehicle can easily take on the appearance of a concept car or a highly streamlined automobile with just a few days work.

By using complete body kits, we can reshape the entirety of your vehicles appearance, adding new contours or streamlining your vehicle to make it more aerodynamic. As experts with all forms of body work and modification, we are able to install just about any type of modification design onto your vehicle and make it truly unique.
Body kits are usually made with fiberglass or polyurethane, as a full service body shop; we can repair almost any damage that occurs. Come to us with any customization or repair job that your vehicle may require to achieve that special look and feel your vehicle deserves.

Side skirts are a great way to modify your vehicle and lower its profile. Installing side skirts is an exercise in immediate gratification, as it makes your vehicle appear lower to the ground without the need for an expensive suspension job. Side skirts will also change the airflow of your vehicle and can enhance the aerodynamics of your vehicle.

When seen the front, the two most prominent aspects of your vehicle are your hood and grill. To truly transform your vehicle, it is almost necessary to plan out how the hood and grill will fit together and provide the look you have always wanted. Changing the lights on your vehicle is one of the ways to install a functional and stylish change into your vehicle. New headlights, tail lights and the installation of high powered Xenon bulbs can make sure that everyone knows something truly unique is on its way.

Originally a necessary addition to high performance drag racing vehicles, the spoiler has become a statement of style for any vehicle imaginable. Though most street legal vehicles will not reach speeds that warrant the existence of a spoiler, we are more than happy to install a custom spoiler to complete the look of your car.
The final touches of your vehicle customization is of course the paint job, by using only the highest quality paints and clear coats, we put the final shine on your vehicle. Choosing a color is extremely important for the cohesive appearance of the car, we suggest that you take plenty of time to decide what fits your personality and style best. Feel free to contact us about your upcoming project and we will be more than happy to discuss the options available to your specific make and model.

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