We feel it’s safe to say that our city has its fair share of sports cars and classic vehicles, that why we have stepped up to the plate and offered our services to all drivers needing corvette repair in Scottsdale AZ. Because we have a greater understanding of how the Corvette enthusiast feels about their car, we are able to apply the same love and attention to each and every Vette that rolls into our lot.  At First Class Auto Body, we don’t just repair your corvette; we restore it to show room perfection.

Few vehicles are as unique or have as much history as the Corvette. Beloved by sports car enthusiasts everywhere, the corvette stands for freedom, speed and the thrill of driving to all who have ever sat behind the wheel. Our view on Corvette repair is one of painstaking perfection and artistry because we know that the discerning driver of this vehicle demands nothing but the best from his vehicle and its appearance.
Protect the investment of this highly sought after vehicle by ensuring that any repairs conducted are made to factory specifications and taken entirely to completion.

Perish the thought of ever selling your prized corvette, but in the event that you ever feel the need, you can maximize your return by making sure that your Vette is in the absolute best shape possible. Whenever the repair of a corvette is necessary, we take great pains to make every single repair meet the factory specifications that make the corvette one of the greatest vehicles to drive.

The vast majority of corvette body work is done using fiberglass. This means that when repairing the body of a corvette, you need a body shop that not only knows their way around a fiberglass repair, but also takes pride in preserving the artistry of an excellent classic vehicle and its place in the driver’s heart.

Some of the older corvette models require that the entirety of the body be removed in order to perform any major work. By taking the body off in one piece, we are able to preserve the structural integrity of the vehicle, while keeping a sharp eye on the contours and design that set the vehicle apart from any other.

Restoring a corvette from the early years comes with a few model specific problems. Early in corvette history, the larger fiberglass panels did not often fit perfectly and they would sometimes come out wavy or weak. This can occasionally present the issue of whether or not to try and replace the panel or to strengthen and then smooth out the original as best as possible. Either way, we want you to be a part of the restoration process and make informed decisions on which course of action to take.

Let’s face it, everybody knows when a corvette cruises by, and we think it should stay that way. Speak to our staff if you have any questions or concerns about the repair you need. We will be happy to put your mind at rest and take care of whatever your vehicle needs.

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